The Heartfeldt Foundation is a non-profit platform that promotes a sustainable lifestyle and a healthier planet by using the reach and influence of ambassadors in the fields of music, sports and entertainment.

  • Non-profit platform
  • Sustainable lifestyle
  • Reach and influence of ambassadors
Take care of your Planet
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Using the UN Sustainability Goals and our Give / Do / Inspire / Empower model we strive to develop a program that influencers can use to create awareness around sustainability and work towards a healthier planet.

Within three years we aim to enlist the support of at least 10 influencers in the field of music, sports and entertainment with a combined reach of 10 million people. In this period, we also hope to secure a minimum of $500.000 in funding, of which at least 90% will benefit the causes we support directly.

Give Do Inspire

Give, Do, Inspire, Empower!

Our ambassador program is based on the Give / Do / Inspire / Empower model to maximize reach and impact. We work closely with our ambassadors and their teams to develop a custom yearly plan that contains actions in all of these four categories.