The Heartfeldt Foundation is a non profit organization that utilizes the reach and the influence of ambassadors in the field of entertainment/ sport and music to promote conscious consumerism and sustainable living globally.

  • Non-profit platform
  • Sustainable lifestyle
  • Reach and influence of ambassadors
Take care of your Planet
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With the Heartfeldt Foundation we maximize reach and impact by highlighting the solutions instead of the problems. With the objective of “act local think global” we intend to motivate, activate and inspire each follower of our ambassadors. We believe there is a role for every individual to take responsibility and make the changes needed towards a more balanced and healthier planet. Like the famous quote of Ghandi; “ Be the change you want to see in the world”. We develop a custom yearly program that our ambassadors can implement to create awareness around sustainability and logical and ecological solutions. We name this the Do/ Give/ Inspire/ Empower! model. We believe by uniting and working together that change is possible.

Give Do Inspire

Give, Do, Inspire, Empower!

Our ambassador program is based on the Give / Do / Inspire / Empower model to maximize reach and impact. We work closely with our ambassadors and their teams to develop a custom yearly plan that contains actions in all of these four categories.