Heartfeldt Foundation


The Heartfeldt Foundation offers ambassadors the platform, knowledge and network to help navigate them in implementing a sustainable lifestyle with conscious decisions about their consumer behaviour, and at the same time motivate and inspire their followers to do the same. The sustainability goals of the UN are leading focus points for our ambassadors. Here’s a few things our ambassadors do to help:

  • Avoid single use plastics
  • Implement conscious consumer behavior
  • Using electric transportation
  • Using less paper in their business and private life
  • Recycling waste (leave your waste)
  • Eat less or no animal products
  • Energy-proofing their house and office
  • Offsetting Co2 emissions from transportation
  • Implement conscious water use
  • Raise money (“Give”) for projects the foundation supports
  • Raising awareness by hosting events
  • Posting about sustainability issues on social media

Interested in becoming an ambassador of the Heartfeldt Foundation? Check out our EXAMPLE AMBASSSADOR BLUEPRINT and get in touch with us at info@heartfeldt.foundation.